Happy Sunday, guys!

It’s been one of those saturated weeks, so I am enjoying every minute of this lazy, yet inspiring weekend.While going through the pictures of my almost fully packed Ipad’s memory, I was gradually immersing back into the atmosphere of our last weekend’s trip to a small city on Boden lake called Konstanz. It is situated right on the Swiss border and this place turned to be exactly what we were looking for a long weekend and my love’s Birthday celebration.

Cozy narrow streets, inviting cafe terraces, fairy tale facades and stunning cathedrals…and the lake of course! To be honest, I won’t tell you that it’s been the most beautiful lake I’ve seen, no, it wasn’t. Italy still takes the first place here, but Boden lake catches you by it’s German or even more Swiss calmness, atmosphere and something else I couldn’t actually figure out. Lovely place for a romantic, easy and inspiring weekend.

It reminded my of Dutch tiny charming town of Harlem (I wrote about it here some time ago). Small treasure in the box. And that’s what I especially love about travelling! You go to a place, you have heard about as nice to travel to, while still knowing nothing about it, and you hope it will turn out as such. Then you walk and talk, get surprised and amused, get confused and interested. You meet new people, go to new cafes, taste new sort of coffee, buy new pair of socks or shoes (if you are lucky ) and in all this you feel yourself so alive!

And when the evening comes, you go to a Spanish restaurant, which Trip Advisor has given most of the starts to, and a gallant Spanish waiter lit a candle on the table and brings you the most delicious shrimps with a bottle of iced sangria. All the ingredients for a romantic Birthday dinner for two.

Only on that kind of a moment you start to feel the spirit of the place you are travelling to and you think to yourself - what a wonderful world!

On the next day you will be grabbing coffee in a hurry to catch up the train and on the way back home, while pleasantly looking through thousands of photos you already start to think what your next destination will be. Because journeys are the small life you live.

And yes, I already started to look up for some new treasure destinations. What about you? Have something special in your mind?

P.S. Hope you Sunday is going great!