Having spent almost 8 months at my precious home in my beloved Kiev, and after living abroad over the last 1,5 years, I felt I was starting to feel the lack of adventures. The lack of travels and new air. I was missing the feeling of everything new basically. That feeling when you happen to be in a new city, where each building, every coffee shop and bike road seems to be yet unexplored. Does it sound familiar to you?

So when I finally had a chance to change my life completely all over again (which is kind of addictive I have to say :-) and when I finally experienced this lacking feeling of NEW, I got confused. I couldn’t grasp how quickly everything has happened. Just in 1 day I was no longer at home, no longer in my comfort zone and suddenly was traveling in a train somewhere in the mountains. Not if I didn’t feel happy about it, I definitely did! But there was something weird about it.

On the one hand I was completely fascinated by the beauty of Alps. Somewhere in between Italy & Austria these views took my breath away. But on the other, there was something I just couldn’t get. How come everything can change so quickly? And how come you can feel yourself a bit lost and comforting somewhere in between a mountain’s mystery and rainy reality at the same time? To tell your the truth, I don’t know. For some moments I felt like I had no idea of what I was doing…but still I felt somewhere deep inside that everything is going to be just right. It has to be in the end, right? ;-)



After settling down in Munich, I had to made a quick visit to Trento. To a small northern Italian city, surrounded by mountains from each side. City that has the most delicious pizza and gelato on Earth (and yes, I’ve been to another places in Italy and am absolutely definite in my words :-)!

Walking around the streets of Trento, where I used to live sometime last year, I was completely blown away by it’s medieval beauty. Not that I haven’t noticed it before, it’s just this time it felt different. Even though I was still confused by the speed of changes in my life (after living in Munich for only 2 weeks, I was already traveling somewhere else), I tried to taste every second of Trento’s mysterious invigorating air.

And then suddenly I felt like I was the most happiest girl on Earth. All because I had recognized the reasons of my earliest confusion. I just was scared of doing the first step. A step towards new life, towards uncertainty and millions of ‘how’ questions. Even despite the fact that I’ve already been in such state of mind, still it felt like the first time. It’s like you’re scared and fascinated by the changes at the same time. But once you realize that the first step has been made, you feel some kind of inner freedom. And I have to confess, this is one of the most awesome feelings in life - when you feel that you are no longer scared, you’re no longer tightened to doubts and uncertainties. And when your dream is beginning to come true. Even slowly, even quietly, but firmly.




Once all these feelings had hit me, when I was enjoying the most delicious gelato right on this piazza Duomo, I felt relieved. On my way back to Munich I was already feeling that everything is right. Confusion was gone. Instead I felt inspiration and unbelievable faith in the future.

To sum up this post (that I was preparing in my mind over the past week), there is only one phrase can be said:

'Be never afraid of taking the first step towards uncertainty. As long as you heart tells you’re on the right way, keep on going. You will feel in the end that your dream begun to come true’.


P.S. What places had made you feel blown away by it’s nature beauty?

and have you ever felt like you had no idea of what you were doing, but then everything felt like falling into its own places?

P.P.S. Hope that this post had made you wonder of what is that you would like to take step forward to.