SKIRT: Zara pink midi skirtTOP: StradivariusCARDIGAN: KookaiSANDALS: H&M flat sandalsHANDBAG: Stradivarius JEWELRY: Pandora


Hey guys!Time is running so fast and today is my last day in Trento before going to another destination point (so excited, woo hoo!) There is definitely something in Italian air here, because I feel myself so light, inspired and energized so that I even managed to shoot this look (it was not that easy!) while running errands all day long. Perhaps it’s mountains, or the Italian ease & pace of life, or it’s just because of the delicious taste of food…I don’t really know, but I am feeling soooo good and would lovely share my positive vibes with you!

So here is my completely relaxed look shot on the streets of small yet beautiful Trento. I’ve been looking for the particular type of midi skirt quite a long time, so when I accidentally (just as usual though) saw this pink linen skirt, it’s was an immediate ‘it’s mine’ decision.It’s so interesting how surroundings affect your mood & style – I have up-styled this skirt completely differently while being in Italy. It’s definitely something about the air here! Sending you the warmest wishes from my beautiful nook in Italian mountains!Love, Anny