Hey guys!Let’s start this week with positive vibes and thinking of something that brings us joy.

I want to start this Monday with a moment of reflection on what I really love in my new life. Apart of really enjoying new place of living and new people around, I would like to pay more attention to my work, that has actually made us here to Munich.

And am so so happy to be able to say that I love my work! Yes! :-) I’ve been working in STYLIGHT for only 1,5 month so far, but it’s already so inspiring and motivating to be a part of a team, that is looking one direction & is so passionate about working together.

Being a part of the Influencer Marketing team at STYLIGHT, I’ve been in contact with top fashion bloggers. Already sounds full of inspiration, isn’t it? So when I just started to work, I didn’t even have an idea that very soon I would personally meet fashion bloggers, who’ve been an inspiration for me and my blog for a long time.Can you imagine my face expression when I discovered that I will have an opportunity to personally meet Doina from The Golden Diamonds, Kayla from NotYourStandard and absolutely adorable couple of beautiful and inspiring Patricia & Giotto from The Atelier? These are the people, who have inspired me with their work to listen to my deepest voice, start up my own blog and keep pursuing my dreams.

This was just amazing! Our STYLIGHT Summer Session party in Munich with TOP Influencers from France, Germany, Italy and Russia was nothing more than an absolute success and I am truly proud to be the part of such an international and forward looking company.


(me and lovely Patricia Manfield)

When I only started my blog, I have struggled with lots of things and I have to confess that it was pretty difficult to come up with inspiring content to share with you guys. By looking trough the blogs, that I really admire, I was thinking that this is just impossible to achieve at least something close as these guys have. And now, looking back I can’t really believe that I personally met people, whose work means so much to me!And after having so much fun together at out Summer Session and on the next day in our magnificent office, I felt so energized and inspired in a professional sense as I have never felt before! Seriously :-)I am so grateful that I fave an opportunity to work where I like, to meet people, who inspire me and to pursue my dreams. This is what life is about -  making your dreams come true, isn’t it?image

(Doina Ciobanu, my colleague Luise, Giotto & Patricia and me)                   image

(my charming colleague Olga & me)image

(gorgeous Doina and me in STYLIGHT HQ in Munich)

P.S. Special thanks to Kayla & Doina for our more then inspiring girly talks! <3

P.P.S. I greatly wish you to find your source of inspiration and aspiration in life. If you already found it, then I can congratulate and say how lucky you should feel! :-) If you are still searching for it - go go go! you will definitely find it sooner or later. Our life is a constant discovery after all.

Love, Anny