Hey guys! This post I would like to start with questioning you on what is smart casual to you? I mean there are simply countless options of how to get dressed and then to call an outfit as ‘casual’, right?

When I was doing a photo shoot for OMELYA ATELIER and up-styling this particular black-white neoprene mini dress I asked myself what style it is close to? Surely it is more close to a casual style then to others, since you can wear this dress for a cinema night with friends as well as to the restaurant for a date (complementing it with outgoing accessories surely. So it is versatile and it leaves an empty space to fill in according to your mood, which is good. But isn’t it too simple for 'casual’?

When I completed this look with all the details I simply felt in love with it. Because everything worked out exactly how I love :-) It’s simple, yet catching, suuuper stylish and…smart casual! So this look demonstrated everything that I feel can be called as smart casual – simple, but not faceless, stylish, but not to much, classic for the day-to-day outfit with not lost originality.

So even if it is casual, it’s still smart and such a dress will never allow you to get lost among the 'casual crowd’!What do you think of this outfit? Is it smart casual for you?P.S. Last look from our collaboration is coming already tomorrow with a big announcement! Don’t miss it.