I am very happy & excited to share with you the result of my latest collaboration with young and super perspective Ukrainian designer & founder of OMELYA ATELIER. I got so much interested in Omelya’s design long before I had an actual chance to get to know the designer and his team. But their last second line of dresses has especially caught my eye, since I am so in love with versatile clothes design. This is the exact case, when you can choose a dress that being complemented by different accessories will look differently without loosing it’s originality!

So here comes the very first black & white look. To tell you right away, this is one of my favorite dresses, even though each of them has something special, this one has conquered me with it’s design originality! I like everything about it - it’s lengths, the material and especially the cutouts, so sexy.

This dress might seem to look quite simple on the one hand, but on the other once you wear it you start to feel that nothing is so simple about here. It is versatile and functional indeed. For a daily outfit up-style it with comfy slip on sneakers, clutch, some bold accessories and here you go - stylish outfit is ready. To make it look more outgoing and fancy wear your favorite hills, red lips and extraordinary mood and voila - you look magnificent!Will share with you more looks very soon! Stay tuned my lovely readers.