It’s Monday again, right? But this Monday to be honest, is completely different to me, because all my thoughts are very far away from today’s reality. Today’s is our wedding anniversary and I am so nostalgic about our wedding day, that I decided to share with you some of my memories.

2 years ago, today we said our vows to each other and have promised to be together no matter what this life will surprise us with. I guess, we are holding good so far ;-)) And even though, we begun to build the base of our relationships way earlier than 2 years, this day is very special to my memory. Not because every girl dreams to become a bride and feel herself a princess (well, this too partially ;-), but mostly because we were surrounded by so much love, joy and happiness from our families, friends and beloved ones.

This what makes such invaluable moments remain unforgettable - people you share it with! Oh….sweet memories are before my eyes and love in my heart now :-) And yes! I am sentimental, so today I decided to share with you the happiest moments in my life (why not? I’m sure you would like to know a bit more about me ;-) So here are some of my favorite photos from our special day.

Sending warm hugs and saying big thanks to our families & friends, who made this day 2 years ago so precious to our hearts! We love you.

P.S. Wishing you all to love and be loved! Hooray.Love, Anny