Happy Saturday! Today I’m sharing my last look wearing black dress with cutouts by OMELYA ATELIER. But this time I am also going to share with you some very big news…but one thing at the time.

This neoprene mini dress is nothing less than a little black dress – a must have in your closet. Seriously! And not just because of the most functional color in the world, but because of it’s charisma and inspiration, that I have felt on my own. I just love to catch different vibes while wearing various clothes, it’s so interesting!

And this is not a coincidence why I decided to announce something very exciting to me alongside with this look. When you are doing something very important and really meaningful for yourself you always want to look for 100% and it’s natural. This look plays such exact role for me. I want to look like this when I am saying that…I’m moving to another country! Yaaaay! Finally I can say it aloud. I’m super excited about new chapter of my life. I’m sure it’s going to be full on everything NEW, interesting, inspiring and super COOL.

So…what’s the place? It’s a beautiful city of Munich. I am so happy to finally make a step forward and I am sure it will bring some treasure in the box. So very soon I’m going to share with you my every day inspiration from Munich and if I’m lucky to create perhaps some collaboration there. Ah, life is so beautifully unpredictable and I am willing to take risks and chances that it gives. So why not to put a little chic dress and make a BIG step towards your dreams?

And what is that you are dreaming really big about now? I don’t know it, but whatever it is - DO it! There is so much unexplored out there just like inside you as well, so go ahead.

Stay tuned and enjoy your Saturday while I’m packing my endless luggage for tomorrow’s BIG step.Love, Anny