Oh Roma Roma! Che hai fatto con me? Meaning ‘what did you do to me?’ :)

After visiting you, I want to come back to Italy more frequently and for longer time. I need to hear your language, eat your delicious pasta, walk your endlessly cozy streets day and night, eat ‘il gelato’, buy more beautiful jewellry pieces from Pandora (couldn’t resist a small glittery present on B-day), ride bike, drink delicious ‘un caffe’ every morning and enjoy life. But let’s make a deal - while I’m here kinda seriosly engaged with lovely Monaco (read Munich), I will visit you more often, I promise. And for now let me share with my readers a piece of increadible inspiration you presented me during our lovely Roman holidays. As you already got from my INSTAGRAM pictures, I felt completely in love with eternal city.

Rome. Noisy, hot, old, charming, contrasting, inspiring and super delicious. As to the last one, eating in Italian culture is a cult and I completely support it, even though my figure needs some extra hours in gym now, I really enjoyed every single meal in Rome.

So here are my TOP PLACES TO EAT, you should definitely check out to when you’re in Rome.

1. OSTERIA ZI'MBERTO this place is just a hidden gem in one of the most romantic areas in Rome, Trastevere. Completely local restaurant, where waiters will serve you delicious Roman cuisine with lightning speed. We had my B-day dinner there and stayed beyond satisfied! Next time I’m in Rome, this will be my first place to go out for a dinner.

2. Gelateria LA ROMANA best ice-cream in Rome. Approved. Try ricotta & caramel as well as pistaccio and basically everything else, really yummy!

3. Then also go to GROM native Italians tell it’s too comercial, but for me as a foreigner, even though I lived in Italy for a while, it’s completely yummy.

4. One of the best pizzas as suggested by Foursquare was ordered straight to our hotel room,cause we literally couldn’t move any more after crazy promenades day by day. I FRATELLI is delicious!

Back to the city. Well, I don’t know whether there are some possible words to describe it more then the pictures will do. So I’ll leave you silently here alone, just to enjoy and spirit of the city. Eternal one for sure. Roma, ti amo! ❤❤❤

I hope you guys got inspired by this city at least a bit. And I’d love to hear your impressions from Rome, did you like it? Tell me!
Love, Anny