It could have been a regular Sunday if I haven’t woken up at 6 am and haven’t rushed to the Central station to catch another train to some new place. Yup, again. 
It could have been such a lazy and nice Sunday, staying in bed long, reading magazines, watching TV series. Long awaited lazy day. But it wan’t meant to be so. And even though I returned back home dead tired, now by having looked at these photos, I know, it’s SO good that that Sunday wasn’t a regular one. Because this trip was so much worth it! And you can see why.

Königsee. The clearest lake in Germany. And the most beautiful one.
To be honest, my heart belongs to Italian lakes totally, but this one turned out to be even better. Must see place, really guys. This mountain is called one of the beautiful mountains across Europe. Don’t ask me how they decided on this, but I totally agree. It’s just like form the painting. If you ever go to Konigssee and you’re up for tracking, then this lake has so much to offer. And I only can imagine what the mountain tracks are like.

All I wanted to tell you guys, is that never get lazy to leave your Sunday bed too early to travel. But you gotta have someone behind to push you forward, as it was with my husband haha. I’m so grateful that he forced me to come with him. Otherwise I wouldn’t have seen this outstanding beauty of nature.

So travel, make photos, and LOVE. And please tell me if you’d ever sacrificed a Sunday bed for uncomfortable train and stayed super happy about it in the end!
Love, Anny