PAJAMA: MIU cotton pajama costumeSNEAKERS: Nike classic Air ForceHANDBAG: & Other Stories fluffy bagJEWELRY: Annie’s Corner earringsVEST: Topshop


Hi guys! Here is my second look from Roman holidays and it will be all about relaxed comfy outfit wearing pajama. Yes, pajamas are back and I love love love this trend. When I was visiting Kiev this winter I was invited to one of the most interesting showrooms of young designers to check their clothes out. What immediately caught my eye there is this pajama from a young Ukrainian designer brand MIU. What I really liked is that you free to choose how to wear it, either as a real pajama OR as a pajama style costume. Surely I went for the second option. While planning our Roman holidays I knew that this would the perfect outfit for the Italian streets full on good looking and stylish fashionistas. When my outfil caught so many glances and turnovers, I new I made a right desicion by bringing this pajama with me to Rome! It’s such a pleasure to wear 100% natural cotton clothes, feel yourself comfy and super stylish all at once. Do you like my outfit, guys? Drop me a comment if you’d also prefer to wear pyjama as a real outfit.Love, Anny.