Once I saw how Italians were teaching Julia Roberts to pronounce one of the Italian phrases - ‘Dolce far niente’, which means idleness of being (Russ *праздность жизни/ легкость бытия). It was in Eat Pray Love movie. Of course back then I didn’t really paid attention to it, accept of how beautiful it sounds.

And only now, while being completely immersed into Roman lifestyle during our holidays, I got a smaaaall hint on what it really is - ‘dolce far niente’. And here is the recipe - you just do nothing! Nothing at all, accept of enjoying life. It only sounds easy, but how many times in your lifetime you really got rid of all that noisy thoughts and just relaxed? Really! (lazy beach summer days are not counted here). Enjoyed walking, eating, talking, kissing, breathing, smiling, laughing and thinking only about how beautiful life is? This is a true meaning of ‘dolce far niente’ - enjoying life at full and to be honest, it feels just AMAZING!

I’m wearing:

Asos silk drop waist dress,

Asos plimsolls,

& Other Stories purse,

Le Specs sunglasses,

Mango leather jacket.

To idleness of being and easiness in everything that is yet to come. Cheers!Love, Anny