As many of you guys showed a great interest in my running collaboration with Zalando, I decided to answer all related to it questions in a blogpost just to share my experience.So what this collaboration is all about? On Zalando's website there is Get The Look category, where you can see different outfit from bloggers and fashion girls. The coolest thing about these looks is that you can shop them directly from the website. Meaning you click on the picture and on the right side there will shoppable items you can purchase right away. Pretty cool feature, as you not only can see how to wear things together and get inspired, but also to shop it directly.


I called Zalando and told them I have to be featured online too, as I have cool style. Hahahah...not really though. Just joking.As a huge online retail company Zalando has created a separate agency called Collabary, that connects influencers with brands to create branding campaigns. Exactly Collabary manages this Get The Look page, they select influencers featured online and approach them. This is exactly the way I was approached, thought Collabary agency. They have an app and I actually got an invite to participate in Get The Look campaign through this app.So far my experience with Collabary has been extremely positive. Managers I'm in contact with are more than nice and approachable on any issue. I hope it stays this way. Laura and Leona, if you read this, then this is for you - such a pleasure to work with you girls!



So basically my task was to create and shoot 12 looks for January and 12 looks for Ferbuary. Collabary sent me a file with preselected items I can choose from. It was about 1500 items (like shoes, clothes, accessories) and I had to create 12 looks (6 looks in casual style and 6 looks in trendy style) from those items from scratch. It was very interesting, yet challenging as the deadline was pretty tight. I actually underestimated the time and the effort required on this stage. Those who are stylists know how much time it can take.After this I got huuuuge parcels with all the items delivered to my home. I got like 3 MASSIVE boxes and 4 middle ones for the first part of the project. Then I unpacked it all, sorted the clothes by looks and had to shoot them. Together with my photographer we decided to divide shooting on 4 days, shooting 3 looks per day accordingly. That was fun but MAN, so tiring! Sometimes we would shoot 4 look in 3 hours, coming back and forth home to get changed. Considering that it's winter, running here and there and changing all the tiime is exhausting to say at least.


After I shoot all the looks, I need to pack them back as they arrived and send them back. Each item in each plastic bag and them put it in the according box. True warehouse! Honestly, you should have seen my bedroom back then, all covered in plastic boxes, tags and posters. Messy. Ah, and thank God there's a courier who picks it all up. My husband and I actually celebrated when all the boxes were finally gone.The main question it appears you ALL want to know - do I leave clothes to myself? No! Only the shoes. So now I have 24 pairs of shoes and I honestly never had this much shoes in my life. Luckily my mom and my photographer Alex has the same size as me, so couple of pairs have luckily moved to them. As to the others, I think I might even sell some.


Yes, I will get paid. After 30 days after collaboration ends. Most obviously I won't reveal what I was offered. But all I can say that considering my expenses on photographer (yes, unlike most of the bloggers I do pay my photographer for work, yas! ;) and all the time and efforts spent, it should be more. Honestly. But as for the start, I'm ok with current proposal.

All in all it was just an awesome experience! I've never worked with this much clothes in my life and as a blogger I've never worked with such a big brand. After finishing last looks, I've never ever felt so inspired and confident with the job I've chosen. Creating content in such pace and in such volume might be exhausting, but seeing myself online on Zalando, the place I've used to shop like for 5 years as I'm in Germany, is just surreal!!!It's just a HUGE thing for me. And I'd like to sincerely thank you my dearest friends for all the interest, all the love and all the support you've been keep on sending me! THANK YOU!
Love, Anna

P.S. Here is my page in Get The Look on Zalando. I hope my looks inspire you to feel beautiful in a natural way! Xx