As I'm not writing this post, I want to come back to our small getaway to Baltic sea again! How calm and relaxing it was.Even thought there will be a vlog (YAY! it will come out soon, stay tuned), I still decided to write a blogpost and share all those beautiful photos I took. I took my camera with me, but my somehow magically the card in camera didn't work, so I had to photograph on Google Pixel instead. I hope you won't notice the difference :)SO! As I already told you guys on Instagram I was extremely happy to finally go for a small trip as I haven't been travelling for a while and really got stuck in Berlin in all regards. Therefore I was SO looking forward for out small trip to Baltic sea.

Now you might want to ask why did we choose to go to Ostsee is it's so cold in winter? Well, I wanted some really relaxing time and we just found a nice spa hotel right on the seashore and decided to check it out.We stayed at Aja Resorts in Grömitz. It's a spa hotel, it has nice pool areas with a slide for kids and really nice relaxing spa area with different saunas and outdoor heated pool, which faces the sea and honestly is absolutely fantastic!

Definitely yes! The hotel was super kids friendly, and the stuff was more than welcoming and willing to help on any matter. I'd recommed this place if you aim for relaxing couple of days with kids. Without kids would be even better and you could enjoy all the spa facilities to the fullest!More info and view of/from the hotel soon in vlog!

Honestly it's my power place. As a child I was sent to my grandparents in Lithuania each summer and they would take us (my sister and me) to Baltic sea almost every summer. These memories are the most precious memories to me. I don't know why. Maybe it's beacause we were going basically to the same place over and over again, therefore it felt like small summery home away from home. Each time I would come back to Kiev from Lithuania, I swear, I came back a bit different child. I love everything about Baltic sea - it's fast changing weather, it's strong wind, those charming dunes covered with flowers the smell of which I will never forget.That's why when I came to Grömitz with my family, it felt really special.
As I was at Baltic sea with my daugther for the first time, and even though she hated it (haha, more about this in vlog), I was super happy! Now look at the photos and maybe you will feel a small bit of that Nordic charm that is so dearest to my heart.

Hope I managed to convey a small piece of Nordic charm to you guys! And if you haven't been to Baltic sea before, them you shpould go there, best in summer though. Travelling is always a good idea!

Love, Anna