annaporter-workers-jumpsuit-winter-look (1) (1)annaporter-workers-jumpsuit-winter-look (4)winter-essentials-annaporter (6) (1)annaporter-workers-jumpsuit-winter-look (3)annaporter-jumpsuitwinter-essentials-annaporter (7) (1)WEARING: MANGO Jumpsuit (similar here), CALVIN KLEIN JEANS Jacket (similar here), MANGO Turtleneck, ASOS Bag (similar from Mango), SHABBIES Sneakers. Winter is real and it's time to play the layering game - put as much layers as you can to stay safely warm. I was lucky enough to notice this Calvin Klein puffer on Black Friday sale, so I emmidiately ordered it. As you probably have already seen it in my stories the battle between this puffer and another one from Max & Co, but obviously CK Jeans won! It's very light and incredibly warm. So unusual to wear pretty light outwear and don't feel any additional weight on you. Usually winter clothes is heavy, especially when it comes to puffer jackets or parkas. But not in this case. Calvin Klein knows how to make it warm and make you feel like you are a feather.However, this look is built around my new jumpsuit from Mango. I've always loved jumpsuits. Because they are a bit more complicated that other clothes and there are SO many ways you can style them up.Here is my selection of jumpsuits I'de suggest you to concider for this winter. Why? Because a jusmpsuit is the best when it comes to layers! I'm wearing a turtleneck underneath this jumpsuit to make the outfit warmer, nicer and to add more colour accents (white in my case).[shop-this id="1"]Do you have a jumpsuit in your closet? If not, then get one now and happy layering!Love, Anna.