Hi guys! This casual business look is all about perfect waistcoat dress from Zara and my new love, black handbag from Kachorovska.I actually didn't intend buying this waistcoat dress, just wanted to try it on instead.But when I did, I got it right away - that's totally my thing!You see, I'm (and always was) in love with a classy beige trench.And this dress, aka vest is totally trench inspired.It looks perfect almost with everything, such a versatile purchase!

And now about the bag. I'm so proud to say it's made in Ukraine! :)Kachorovska is a very well know brand in Ukraine and they have so many clients from all around the world.And no wonder, since the quality of their bags & shoes speaks for itself. This bag is an absolute must have.However the colour is up to your personal taste. In my case I needed a very basic black handbag, so my choice was obvious.What I love the most about the bag is this small handle and wide strap. Oh, it looks soooo good!And believe me, this bag is soooo comfortable and spacious, you can fit it everything you need, except the laptop hihi.Having it only for the 3rd day I'm can clearly say - it's the most convenient bag I'm having so far.

Maybe you'll also find THE bag for yourselves there.Happy August!Love, Anny