Paris is a truly amazing city. Beautiful, romantic and royal. There are SO many nice and worthwhile places to visit, both to please your eye and stomach. I'm sharing my TOP 5 PLACES IN PARIS that I've discovered this time:

1. 1ER ETAGE OPÉRA HOTEL Very nice hotel right in the heart of Paris, just behind the Galleries Lafayette. French interior & pretty friendly stuff will make your stay in Paris very comfortable.

2. BOULANGERIE PAIN PAIN Located in the heart on Montmartre area, this place is such a good stop by for coffee and some delicious pastries like salted caramel eclair or anything else basically, cause everything looks just soooooo good.

3. COMME CHAI TOI Amazing typically French restaurant with the view on Notre Dame de Paris. Perfect for dates & special occasions. We celebrated my 30th Birthday here and that view on Nortre Dame at night accompanied with delicious French food and my best husband in the world I will remember for long ❤️.

4.  L'AVANT COMPTOIR DE LA MER Incredibly atmospheric and yummy sea food bistro. We found it absolutely by chance. Just across the corner there is the same bistro but with meat dishes. Both run by famous in Paris chef Yves Camdeborde. Better to take many different dishes to try, as the portions are quite small bistro-type.

5. CAFE DE FLORE THE cult place in Paris. Place where Sartre, Dali and Hemingway were winning and dining while discussing their masterpieces to be. Incredibly expensive (1 cappuccino 8 eur). Even though it's usually overcrowded, I still loved it. It has this special aristocratic and cultural atmosphere and I was glad to be able to feel it through. Also it's worth visiting at least to look at the people around - super stylish and super busy while reading their newspapers and drinking either un café or a glass of rosé.

Ah and as a slight bonus there is one more place that really touched me - LE CAFÉ DU PERTIT PALAIS. Maybe it was because of our last day in Paris, or because of the cherry blossom at the inner yard or maybe I just got very emotional that my Paris dream has finally come true, but this terrace is absolutely gorgeous. You have to see it yourself!

When you travel to Paris and will be including my top places, I'm sure, your trip will might become a bit better. Paris is LOVE. ENJOY!
Cheers, Anna.