This super comfy yet super stylish look was build all around my new sneaker babes from amazing Shabbies Amsterdam.When Shabbies Amsterdam contacted me asking if I'd like to learn more about the brand and to do a collaboration, surely I didn't hesitate at all. Having looked at their models on the website for 1 min, I totally knew that this is going to be an awesome idea!I was told that I can choose a pair of my wish and to tell you the truth I was really lost. I couldn't decide at all, since I liked so many pairs! But my very first two options where leather chelsea boots and olive green boots. Unfortunately they weren't meant to be mine, since no 36 size was available. Then my next selection debate was around these two pairs - fur sneakers and fur boots. I even asked you guys an advice in my IG stories if you remember. The votes got split and I was basically torn. I couldn't decide which pair should I go with around 3 days, and that's a long time for me since usually I know exactly what I want! But at the end I decided to stick to what I love wearing the most - sneakers.And this ones with fur AND in my totally favourite marsh (dark olive+grey) colour have finally won and I'm so happy that I took them!

First of all they are super comfy and warm. I totally love the fur detail, I think that's exactly what got hooked me in this pair.Shabbies are making shoes of fantastically great quality! And no wonder, since they are hand crafted in Portugal. All designs are from the designer Fred de la Bretonière. He says that his design is feminine, cool, yet elegant and I couldn't agree more. It may seem very simple at fist glance, but simplicity is the key to the timeless style.

I'm very happy that I got a chance to discover such an awesome brand with amazing quality and great meaning behind it.Highly recommend you to get your pair of Shabbies too! You will love it same as I do <3

In cooperation with Shabbies Amsterdam <3