Have you ever heard of Préveza, a small island on the western coast of Greece? Most probably you haven't! And neither did I, before we came here for a family holiday.How did we choose Preveza for a vacation you may ask? Super spontaneous and last minute, I'll answer.We just looked up for affordable flights from Berlin and stumbled upon Greece or Menorca. We chose the first one, because we though it would be warmer and nicer. It surely was nicer, but with the weather we got unlucky. Right on the day we came there was a hurricane at the sea, so typical end of September with it's sunny 29 degrees dissapeared and all we had was super strong wind instead. Definitely not the nicest start of the holiday, especially when it's still season in Greece. But two days after the sun was finally out and we managed to even swim and enjoy Preveza at it's best. Thanks for that!Why you should concider Preveza as you holiday destination? 

Here are the couple of really good reasons guys:

THE BEACHES. They are fantastic! The clearest sea and the longest 20-km long Monolithi beach I've ever seen in my life. By going there at the end of the season you might loose some warm days, but having NO people around is definitely worth it! We were literally alone there, and it was the most relaxing feeling ever.Also Alonaki central beach is pretty cool too.

  1. THE FOOD. To say that Greek cousine is wonderful is to say at least. Grilled saganaki cheese or feta with honey, grilled squid and octopus, sardines and tons of different fish - all fresh of course! Chocolate fondant or sweet grapes with Greek joghurt for desert - doesn't it sound delicious yet? I can assure you it tastes even better than it sounds and our extra kilos will only confirm that.

  2. ACCOMODATION. We satyed at Daluz Boutique Hotel outside the Preveza city. With a lot of greenery, nice pool, spacious and modern rooms and quite good breakfast - we stayed pretty satisfied with our choice. As the hotel is located outside the city center and the beaches, it's better to rent a car. But if you don't want to, you can always take taxi at any time and arrange transfer from the hotel, as did we. No inconveniences at all. Also big warm thank you to the hotel's personnel, that made our stay super friendly and chilled.

  3. SAILING. To my surprise Preveza turned out quite a sailing point! Man, how many beautiful yachts we saw alongside the sea promenade! I can totally imagine myself at one of those boats (wearing a huge hat and amazing swimsuit hihi), so for the next time we're already concidering renting out a boat and sail into the sea. Isn't that just a dream?

Greece is an amazing destination for an unforgettable holiday and Preveza town is one of the "worth-it" destinations. Hope you enjoyed my travel guide and if you ever been to Preveza or any other Greek resort, let me know! I'm so interested to hear your impressions.

Love, Anna.