DRESS: KRASILNIKOVA leather dressPUMPS: Jessica Simpson nude hills


I have already talked a little on interesting link between woman’s look and her confidence in some of the previous posts. Today I would like to come back to this topic, because I have one incredible example to demonstrate the power fashion has upon woman’s inner world! Having arranged this photo shoot specially for my friend and incredibly talented Ukrainian designer Irina Krasilnikova, to say that I was attracted by her incredible clothes design, is close to saying noting. I was amazed and completely absorbed by some of the garment pieces, especially by the sort of pride and power they have emanated. And surely this 3 colored leather dress was one of them.

Once I have tried it on, I suddenly started to feel myself more confident, strong and energetic, so that I wanted to go to some impressive event straight from the photo shoot location! It is so interesting how woman’s reflection in the mirror is able to alter your mood, self-perception and to add more confidence to your walk. Haven’t you ever felt the same, when you like what you wear, when everything seems to work in your look just fine and you start to feel the overpowering beauty inside? Agree, that every woman would prefer to be in this state once in a while.

So having felt such way, I decided to call this dress a power one. It simply is, because it provides it’s beautiful owner with a rare combination of the power of beauty, self-confidence and strong inner light.

I am deeply convinced, every woman has to have something similar to this power dress in her closet, just to make it sure you’ll definitely nail it when needed. Just in case, right?