Even though I'm an orthodox Christian, meaning that our Christmas is on January 7th (& Christmas eve on the 6th accordingly) I'm happy to celebrate both :) It's never too much holidays! It's our 2nd Christmas in Berlin, but the first one when we actually live here. Gosh! What a story it was to get our Christmas tree home! I'm going to reveal all the drama behind it here.

All our little family was sick for quite a long time, and when the time has come to buy a tree, we were all sick locked at home. So decided to order one at Yeah, I know! You can order just everything there. So my hubby did so and we were expecting it to arrive right to our doorstep. My husband flew to see the family as it was planned long before and I stayed here in Berlin with my mom visiting us and baby Uma ofc. So when the day came, there was no tree. Christmas is approaching and no tree yet. Well...maybe they left it at neighbour's? Nope, nothing. Then we called Amazon and it turned out that the tree was delivered to the post office instead of our house. Hm...weird. It's 23rd on the calendar and I desperately want a tree!



Since we already payed for it I decided to pick it up from post instead of buying a new one. But when I came to the post, turned out they couldn't give it to me, since it was addressed to my husband. Even though we have same surname, they are not allowed to give it to me! Are you kidding? This is just hilarious! However, post ladies were pretty nice and allowed me to take it if only I show the text from my husband saying that he entitles me to pick it up from his name. Hahahaah can you believe it? So we did it and I FINALLY got a tree. Wait! it's not the end. It was SO HUGE! GOD! SO HEAVY! My mom and me + the baby in the stroller...can you just picture HOW we pulled it all the way through to our house? Unbelievable, but we made it, cursing all the way ofc! Hahahaha. Happy end and totally destroyed backs. Thank you Amazon! Ah! Small detail to end the story - we were at home ALL day long on the delivery day. Tadam!

Anyway, I'm happy our tree made it finally to our new home! Miracle exists! Even though it costed you a lot.

Merry Christmas to you guys!!! Lots of love to you & your families! <3

P.S. New time I'm gonna buy an artificial one. Yup.