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When Ksenia Schnaider has proposed me to take a photo shoot wearing her clothes from the summer collection, surely it was a 100% yes from me! Having no idea of what might come out as a result of our collaboration, I called a friend of mine (whom you all already know as a blogger on Style of Living) and asked her whether she can help me out with this proposition and to take photos. There was a yes from her as well. Thus, on a rainy Sunday morning both Annas with strong intentons to create something outstanding came to the ASTHIK store for the first time. And here it begun. Endless dialog phrases like “go & try on this one”, “no, these shoes are no good for such skirt”, “why not to try this purse with a silver dress?” were there flying in the air during several hours.

Yesterday you have already looked thought my first look on sport chic style (but not the last one, there are more coming soon), and now let’s move to the second part of our collaboration. Having called this part as a ‘chic dress’ or a 'baby doll style’, even thought has nothing to do with baby doll style as such, I had this instant association because of feeling that this metal dress brings something special to it’s owner. So what is it, this something special? Will try to find our on the way you go through the photos.

Here comes the second look of super feminine dress accompanied with a playful clutch embellished with a bow & nude hills, which are so versatile that it’s difficult to find a solid replacement for. What I loved the most of this grey dress, is that it’s so feminine & playful! It can be both flirty and classy strong at the same time, depends on what you feel in the morning.


Last look of a silver 'barbie’ was spontaneously created, turned out to be the most gorgeous thought (at least to my humble opinion). I have to tell you that it’s a complete magic, when beautifully designed pieces are making feel you an incredibly gorgeous lady, once you put them on - then goes a camera flash and just in a sec you are feeling like a million dollar babe. That’s how I was feeling myself while taking these shots. Nothing to hide – unbelievable feeling!


Short resume. If you are thinking of what is that special to wear for this feeling of desired & expensive look, metallic dress like this one will serve your purpose the best! And don’t forget that wearing such girly dresses will always make you feel like a LADY, a real one! Love, Anny