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DRESS & SHOES: ASOSSKIRT: TINA PETRAKOVA (Ukrainian designer)BAG: Mango (old collection)JEWELLERY: Pandora


When it's your Birthday and you're going out for a romantic dinner with your man - you want/need! to look gorgeous. Especially when you're a young mommy and you don't have many chances to leave everyday routines behind, dress up nicely and go out for a dinner in fancy restaurant. That was my chance to finally feel myself on a million dollar! hihi

While choosing my B-day outfit, I already knew that it has to be black lace. Don't know why. Just felt this way. When I did my order on Asos, I actually counted on two other lace dresses. But what usually happens, is when you try a dress on, you feel right away whether it's yours or not. And this is what happened with the dresses I thought of like my primary choice - they just didn't fit me and I didn't like the quality! But when I tried this one from Ganni, OMG! Magic happened! I felt myself so chic, so elegant and sexy at the same time - basically everything I wanted to look like on my Bday.

Obviously I did my choice towards Ganni lace dress and I'm not regretting at all! I especially love how it looks with a maxi skirt, it somehow cools down the sexiness of transparent dress and visibility of a bra. It makes the outfit more elegant, rather than when the legs would stay open too.So if you'd like to reach same effect with your evening outfit - maxi dress with transparent lace dress is your choice!

Our romantic dinner was just amazing and I couldn't have been more happier & sexier on my Bday! YAY!Love, Anny