WEARING: HUNDHUND Sweater, Culottes,Jacket, VAGABOND Sock boots.


 This is the collaboration I wanted to present you guys for a long long time. So happy it finally happened! Please meet - HUND HUND x ANN-Á-PORTER!
I came down to HUND HUND studio to see their new autumn-winter collection and created 3 different looks from the items I loved the most. Here you will see the very first look and probably my favourite one.You know my passion to culottes and loose silhouettes, so no wonder that I felt in love with these Cara pants inspired by Thai fisherman style. I styled it up with 100% merino wool sweater in beige (there is also one in grass green) and I have to tell you that I felt in love with both pieces. Sweater is incredible warm and pants are incredibly stylish. I deliberately wore sock boots to create the justaposition between elegance, sweater's oversized shape and pant's relaxed character. Love how it worked out together!But let's talk about the brand.

HUND HUND is a Berlin-based fashion label that offers a great selection of both male and female clothes produced in a sustainable way. Sustainable fashion is getting more and more trendy nowadays, but do you guys really know what it means?Sustainable fashion is not only about creating less waste in clothes production, but also about being transparent on all stages of its production. HUND HUND is a first fashion label (at least in my practice) that uncovers the costs of almost each item on the website. Which is so cool, because I as a customer feel like I'm being treated in an honest way.
But what appeals to me the most from their sustainable approach is that most of fabrics used are bought as leftovers from luxury brands like Gucci etc. Meaning that many fashion houses produce more fabric than needed and will simply throw it away, such a waste isn't it? But HUND HUND approached it in such a cool way - they buy fabric leftovers and use it to produce their own pieces. That's such a great move, guys! Thank you for that!
They also use organic cotton and in their pieces and you have to believe me - wearing organic cotton gives you the best feeling ever! But more about it in upcoming posts.To upgrade this look I put on this male checked jacket and look what perfect accents it added. And yes, you read it correctly - it's male. Unisex is a new sustainability and I love it!

I hope you enjoyed this photo shoot and first look from HUND HUND's collaboration. Btw this photo shoot was taken at the HUND HUND studio's building and at it's rooftop. Amazing industrial building built by hyped architect Brandlhuber,  that blends so well into the brand's philosophy.

Stay tuned for 2 more looks to come and let me know what you think about this on!
Cheers, Anna