annaporter-interiorThe other day I was on the phone with my good old friend and she asked me "now tell me, how do you live so beautifully? and why? why do you arrange fresh eucalyptys at home? how come you always have everything so clean and organized? how do you do that? and why?"Well first of all, I don't think I live that beautifully (we all remember that Instagram is only a reflection of what we want to share), there are days when my house is a mess and believe me it's not beautiful at all. But, it got me puzzled. How to live beautifully is kinda simple to me, but the 'why' part this is what got me thinking.So let's start with it first.I've never ever though of this this way. Never asked myself a question WHY.Like what do you mean why? But then it got me thinking...well because of so many things actually. I tend to find beauty in everything, I try to surrond myself with a beautiful objests, I aspire to be a beautiful human is why. But let's try to answer the why question together:

  • because beauty around you is a reflection of who you are.

    If you don't feel an urge to make your space beautifully decorated, then you don't need it. For now or at all.I do. I ALWAYS do. Just because this is WHO I am. It's important to me to have fresh flowers at home, it's important to me to have a house, that inspires me. Because HOME is my biggest sourse of energy and inspiration alltogether.

  • because I'm an eathete. You see, I already have an instant eye for whatever beautiful, since I work with visual content, since I produce beautiful pictures that aim to inspire. Therefore I just can't otherwise! Beauty has become my life, I made it a huge part of my life, therefore surrounding myself with beautiful things has become a vital part of my lifestyle in general.

NOTE: But it wasn't like that all the time. There were times when I experienced a huge identity crisis and then beauty was the last thing I had on my mind. I tried to surround myself with beautiful things, however it didn't bring any joy. Because, like I said beauty has to come from within. Now let's talk about HOW. How to live beautifully? Well, that's quite a big question. However I'll try to approach it in a way I see it.Beautiful life can't appear all of a sudden, like a Pinterest picture. You have to live through every single detail of your life in a way that make you content and happy. Then all other details will follow into one big puzzle.For example, I've always imagined myself being a super stylish woman, a caring mother, with perfectly stylish and clean house and bunch of cool friends. However I didn't really realize WHAT it takes to have it all and most importantly I couldn't feel myself in that lifestyle. Meaning details - what I wear, where I go out for a coffee, how I dress my kid, how exactly my house looks like, what do I cook at that gorj kitchen - all those visulisation details.And only now, as I'm strating to have an idea and a real experience of living a life from a picture I made for myself, I can say that you gotta be ready for what you envision.Beauty is not only stylish, modern objests, that surely make our lives more beautiful and fun. It's about you living with all that, you see my point?Therefore, I believe that there is no recipe on how to live beautifully, because you have to come up with one for yourself.

YOU make your life beautiful and only you are able to understand how on Earth to do that.

However, my friend has asked me "how do I live beautifully?" and almost 30 of you voted on Inta stories that you'd like to know the anwser. Therefore I have to write something meaningful haha. But if serious, I've come up with this list:

  1. Know what makes you happy.This is the key to a beautiful life. Beauty comes from within. If you are unhappy for some reason, nothing will make your life look beautiful. Take care of yourself first, listen to what makes you happy and then reflect it at home in furniture, in decor elements, in books, candles, fresh flowers etc.
  2. Surround yourself with things and objects that you truly need and love.I LOVE eucalyptus. Love everything about it, colour, shape of leaves, SMELL! That's why you will often see a bunch of fresh eucalyptus at my house. Because it inspires me! So why don't you try to do the same?
  3. Stay organized, get rid of unnecessary stuff.Keeping your home clean and tidy does miracles. However, as a mom I truly know that it can be a challenge.TIP: keep all the toys and kid’s stuff in one room, if you don’t have a separate room, then allocate a spot that will be dedicated to the toys storage only.
  4. Develop your sence of styleand reflect it in your house, wardrobe etc. Now it's a HUGE topic and I can already write an entire book on that (well, almost hihi), but knowing your style feels SO GOOD, believe me. Experiment, remember things you like, create a folder where you'll gather everything that inspires you. Style won't fall down from the sky. You gotta work on it, people! I still work on my own, but at least I now know the anchors, those stones that created my base. Just don't forget that
    Just like wine, good style takes time

  5. Stay open and look up for sources to reenergize.Be curious. We humans are so incredible. We never know where we find what. Therefore staying open and curious is vital to live an interesting and yes, beautiful life.
  6. Never compromise your sence of style. Trust it.How many times I heard from my mom, my dad or even my husband - why do you need this here? Why should we rearrange furniture in our appartment yet again? Why, why, why? What's wrong here? Isn't that enough? and my answer is NO! It's not enough.I know perfectly well what makes me happy, call me a freak, but fresh tulips standing on that corner of a table make me happy and there is no other place in entire house I'd like to place them at. I know and feel exactly the way I want it.Example: After living for 1,5 years in our rental apartment in Berlin, I figured that it will be cool to finally change bedroom and living room with each other. NOONE supported me. But I managed to convince my husband and to call a friend to make it all happen. I had a clear picture in my head HOW the new living room should look like. After 1 evening of crazy work, 1 old wardrobe broken, and couple of weeks of putting things on places, we did it. And our living has never looked any better, any cozier and my husband loves it. Hahah ofc he does, because I have a good taste. Noone supported me at first, but I knew that this would be right! Because I want to live beautifully and yes sometimes you have to fight for it!

Trust your gut, do what feels right for you, even if you don't have a clear explanation yet. Be ready, however, to fight for it sometimes.I hope that my tips on how to live beautifully will inspire you to surrond yourself with beauty as well!Love, Anna.