WEARING: Palson Kifot dress, COS cocoon cardigan, Asos plimsolls, & Other Stories muff handbag & ring, New Look shades.

If you think that this post will be revealing hot Italians spots to visit, sorry to say guys but then you’re wrong. What I will talk about are spots, but rather on my lovely dress instead of nice locations to visit. However that could be also a good idea to share some city guide through Verona. Will definitely do it later.

So! I have to begin with love and joy that I felt while wearing this dress. Because it brings soooooo much pleasure to say that it’s made by my friend, who recently just launched her own brand. Welcome Palson Kifot, guys! A brand that knows how to perfectly play with black and white and put it all in a circle. I’m feeling so grateful and proud to be surrounded by talented people around. So Anna, here is my public declaration to you and your lovely creations ❤❤❤

I couldn’t think of more amazing location to shoot this look at, but Verona. The city of eternal love, beautiful Italian architecture and exceptionally stylish people. I have to immodestly say that I already gathered decent amount of “Oh, I love your dress!” sayings by all the fashion lovers around and every time I heard it my eyes were lighting up!

Giving that all of you got as much excited about this bag as I did when I first saw it, I can’t help myself but to share where it is from. Great & Other Stories surely know how to create another story of your look. This small feather bag is actually also a muff, which makes it even cuter. All fashionistas, this is the place you all should know, it is a real treasure in the box!

So if you are in a search of something that will definitely mark a SPOT, then head up to the Palson Kifot’s page and enjoy the rest of their debut collection.