WEARING: PAUL HEWITT Watch, MANGO Vynil bag (similar from ASOS), ADIDAS Sneakers, MANGO Skirt

 When September is just around the corner it's about time to say "goodbye summer!" And even though September for sure will throw us couple of hot days, I already can feel first fall steps, you too?I won't be drawing the line saying that oh, this summer was fantastic. I will just way in was good. And HOT! Too hot actually!As you may know I'm not a summer girl. I don't like the heat, especially in the city. Especially when it was this hot this summer. My perfect weather is around 22-25 degress, windy, half cloudy, half sunny - like when the weather is balancing sun and shadow. Just like we are balancing good and bad in our lives.

When it's fresh, yet warm, when it's windy, yet calm. In one word when it's dynamic.

Therefore I'm actually so looking forward to fall. Especially to very first weeks of it, when it's still soft and kind. Maybe it also has to do with the fact that I love wearing layers. I do! Jackets, coat, scarfs, gloves - adore all that!And wearing a simple tee and shorts just because it's hot -'s just not my story I guess.So to be honest, I won't be missing summer. Because I know there will be another one, maybe even better. The only thing I'm sad about, is that we didn't manage to have a proper vacation by the seaside this summer. We failed budget planning this year (shame on us, I know) BUT! The opportunity of getting to the seaside at every point throughout the year is keeping me warm. So keep your fingers crossed guys, I hope in couple of months we will manage to enjoy warm seaside.Are you sad to let the summer go? Let me know!Love, Anna.