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WEARING: VINTAGE Trench (similar here), FRED DE LA BRETONIERE Shoes, MANGO Jeans, NO NAME Shirt, H&M Turtleneck, MANGO Sunglasses.

 Now as fall is getting more and more serious it's time to pull out all the chelsea boots we have. And if you are still in search of a perfect pair, then this post is right for you.I'm forever in love with Amsterdam shoe brands. Last year I was lucky to collaborate with Shabbies brand and I still wear their fur sneakers with a pleasure. This year I'm again lucky enough to get to know Fred de la Brenoniere brand. A brand with a history. Actually the designer behind both brands is Fred de la Bretonière and boy he really gets what we women need! The shoes comfortable enough to rock our every-day lifes and stylish enough to express our individualities. What also deserves a special attention is the quality.Remember I asked you guys which shoes are better in Instagram stories recently? Many of you texted me asking what is the brand and some of you told me that it's pretty expensive. I can agree to some extend, it's not a mass market price, but honestly guys, I believe that good quality has to cost! It has to be expensive! Because you pay for the quality that will last you couple of years and will bring nothing more than comfort and pleasure. So I truly believe that Fred de la Bretoniere shoes definitely cost what they cost for a reason and here I defo can be sure that my new chelsea boots will live a long, happy life.I couldn't decide which pair to choose for SO LONG! That's why I did that questionnaire on Instagram and most of you voted for the choco leather boots. However, I initially wanted to take the sock boots. But in the end everything has changed (as it always does when we girls go for shopping right?) and I decided to go with sharp nose chelsea boots. Originally they come with a stripe, but you can remove it and that's exactly what I did as I like it more minimalistic. I definitely like the small heel here and a sharp nose, this is something new to my style and I love it!However, I'm still in love with sock boots and would definitely encourage you to look at them closer - such classic and elegant boots will suit everything. Also these ankle boots in suede in black or olive colours are just amazing! If only I could have them all! Ah..Here I've selected my beloved designs from Fred de la Bretoniere online shop. Which pair do you like the most?[shop-this id="1"]P.S. Thank you Aydan from Fingerspitzengefühl agency for trusting my taste and for being so patient in our communication. I truly appreciate it and am happy I had a chance to introduce this amazing brand for my readers.Made in collaboration with Fred de la Brenoniere