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Today I had a great dream. I dreamed Amsterdam streets full of bikes, I dreamed eating waffles and riding in a boat across the city canals. And when I woke up I still had such a vivid feeling of being in the city of bikes and tulips that I clearly understood ‘This is an Amsterdam flashback!’ and it has to be on the blog! So here I’m recalling the best moments of our short, yet full on emotions trip to the land of wooden shoes & windmills.We had only 4 days…4 completely rainy days in Amsterdam. But you know what..? Surprisingly it was very good! Well, partly because of our very first time in the city, partly because our expectations began to prove worthy from the first hours there or because it’s just impossible not to love Amsterdam! I don’t know, but we surely felt something very special about it.In Amsterdam you should walk, walk and walk! Or bike, bike and again bike - but it’s only if you’re there more then for 5 days. There is plenty of super excited places as you have already felt, but if it’s rainy, the Van Gohg museum, city canal tour, Madame Tussauds, Anne Frank house will definitely please your aesthetic & cultural hunger!As for the real hunger, drink beer with а delicious burger on the canal bank, eat waffles on your way to the center, buy different cheese types in a cheese shop and then after take a tram for a small circle of fast sightseeing.Perhaps you might think that I have forgotten about one of the major treasures - tulips! But no, I didn’t forget to include Keukenhof garden on the 'must see’ list. What can I say? Just go-go-go there! It’s so much beauty, inspiration & color that I simply can’t name it other than a 'flowers ecstasy’.We lived in Harlem, which added so much admiration and coziness to our trip.And it seriously turned out to be a real treasure box!I’ve never seen such tiny-tiny town over saturated with so many interesting places to visit.They wouldn’t call it the best shopping place in whole Netherlands for nothing! But Iet’s not touch the shopping (which surely would provide a great mood for every girl :-)…It’s all about that tiny cozy houses, narrow streets and canals, that ginger toy facades and tones of small local restaurant that turned out to be absolutely fantastic!!!Harlem is definitely still on the 'to go again’ list as well as Amsterdam! If you are in Holland, don’t miss it!I hope my small flashback has refreshed your imagination and heated up your curiosity to Holland and travel in general! Don’t limit yourself in dreaming - go, explore, travel and get wondered, because life is beautiful <3Have a nice day and thanks for reading!