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To start with, I have never though I would become a fashion blogger. Not even to say an influencer as it's common for nowadays. No honestly!I have an economics background, I've worked in interior design company as a project manager and after went to study in Sweden. After that we lived a bit in Italy and when we came back home (Kyiv, Ukraine). It's then I somehow felt the erg to have some-kind of a platform, where I share interior designs I loved, since I got so much inspired by Scandinavian interiors. Back at that time I started to work at Mercedes-Benz fashion week and that changed the focus of my blog. Having met so many talented and cool designers I decided to follow the vibe and start sharing the looks I'm wearing. I never was a super fashionable girl, but there was something very appealing and exciting to me in this whole fashion world. After working at fashion week I understood that this something is clothes itself. And designers behind. The story the want to tell through the pieces they create.

So here am I now, writing this text about fashion blogging, being a fashion blogger myself. Quite poetic, isn't it? Being a fashion blogger might seem to be quite an easy thing. Taking beautiful pics of yourself and your travels, sharing them on social media platforms, talking about whatever else haha. But let me tell you. If you really want to make this your profession and earn money, you gotta be serious guys. Like with any other job. Creating content, good quality content, making sure that you're actually spreading a valuable message and not just another cute ootd (you know what I mean), networking, communicating with brands, managing social medias, etc - there is a lot on a plate, believe me! However it's fun. If only you like it, though. I DO and that's why it brings me joy. But this post is mostly about challenges. Why? Because I would like to try to dispel the misconception of blogging and explain that it's actually not an easy occupation.

So let's talk about challenges. There are quite some. I'm promising to stay honest and list all of them.So, CHALLENGES IN FASHION BLOGGING that I personally struggle with on a daily basis:

  1. making money - to grow your blog into a profitable media platform, that's a huge challenge! It's like to start-up anything else and making it profitable. Not always easy. If you ever wondered how bloggers actually make money, I'll explain you the general concept in another post (if you don't mind ofc, cause it another big topic).
  2. to be ONLINE 24/7. Even if you have a feeling that I'm super easy in front or with a camera (which is true actually), it doesn't have to say that I really enjoy every second of it like every day. Thing is that I'm a very emotional person. Yes, I'm outgoing and usually it doesn't take a big effort for me to approach a total stranger and start talking to him/her. However, I'm very vulnerable. Not to say that I get offended online easily, I'm trying to grow thick skin here, but in general there are many days when I just want to hide. From everyone and everything. To disconnect. It's normal. There are days when I just want to stay home and don't talk to anyone, not even to say making another IG story to show my ootd or anything else. Like to dissapear. Cause I need to recharge. That's why it's pretty difficult to balance my frequent will to stay offline with 24/7 online world of blogging.
    Being exposed on social medias can be very energy draining.

  3. being your own boss. To some of you it might appear as an advantage more. It can be both actually. Being your own boss has a lot of responsibilities. You are THE ONLY one who make it all work. You have to decide the strategy, the tactics, how and when you're gonna achieve the plans. On top of that you have to motivate yourself! Alone! All the time haha :) Do see now why working at the office with fixed responsibilities within the fixed schedule is easier - cause you simply switch off your mind when leaving the office. And working on yourself is 24/7.
  4. to be updated on every aspect of fashion & technology. Creating content also means to spread and promote it. Where? Social medias. This is just how it works. This means that as a fashion blogger you have to stay updated as to every single novelty in mobile technologies (related to blogging). Monitoring what are the new ways to promote your content - new apps, new approaches in smm, not to mention being a pro in Google analytics, putting adds on your website etc. To be honest, this is the hardest part for me. I actually hate it. All those "behind the picture" processes are of course very important in blog's promotion, however they are super boring and oftentimes difficult to understand. At least to me. Call me an oldie, I don't care hihi.
  5. Instagram obsession. It's not a secret to anybody, that 80% of people who spend their time on social medias are more inclined to get depressed than those who stay offline.
    YES! It's real guys, Instagram CAN be depressive. But let me tell you - all those perfect ladies, with ideal homes, in amazing outfits and non-screaming kids...are FAKE! They are as much real and as much humans as we all are.

    No really! Wanna know the truth? Even if one (or many) pictures looked perfect to you, it doesn't reflect the life of this person that might be faaaar away from perfect. Instagram is for sharing moments! So those perfect feeds that you scroll through are only a reflection of beautiful positive moments, not LIFE! Remember that!It is quite a challenge for myself while being that type of a "perfect"-girl to NOT get trapped, while Instagramming! Also having time limits to be online on Instagram are helpful not to get overwhelmed by "beautiful" lives of others. So remember, Instagram CAN be depressive if only you let it be so. Stay positive! Even though I might experience Insta breakdowns, it's still one of the biggest sources of inspiration to me, not to mention professional realisation.

    Hope you enjoyed reading this article and that I managed to clarify the whole blogging thing for you guys!

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