Oh finally we did what I've been dreaming for a while now - family photo shoot! YAY! Thing is that we have SO many beautiful pictures together with Uma, but usually daddy is missing out. Or the other way around - two of them but without me. Finally we changed that and looking at this photo shoot makes my heart melting.

All thanks to incredibly warm and talented Klara Yoon. Klara is a professional photographer and she's also working as a lifestyle photographer doing family photoshootings. So I remember she wrote a FB post that she's looking for a family to capture their everyday life at home. I loved the idea of being super relaxed at home without going to the studio which to be honest is quite an effort being with the family. So I wrote her directly and we agreed on a photo shoot. But somehow it didn't work in the beginning due to some health reasons and travelling schedules. Almost 5 months later we finally met at our's and did this amazing shots, that I now am so happy to share with you guys.

Funny, relaxed, full of light and love - that's how we felt with Klara being our photographer. I loved her vibe from the beginning which is quite important, if you want to make laid-back pictures, if you know what I mean. We didn't feel that we're having a stranger at home, rather a good acquaintance whom you'd like to get to know more (her Klara, ice-cream with little ones is on our's agenda hihi).

So guys, enjoy our moments and if you're a Berlin-based family wanting to do a family photo shoot, feel free to contact Klara - I can totally recommend you this girl! Here is our story in her eyes btw.

P.S. I've saved some amazing shots for the future post, so stay tuned guys! Uma is absolutely gorgeous there and I can't wait to show you more!Cheers, Anna