Fall campaigns have always inspired me! There is something untold, beautifully sad , yet warm in all those beaufiful fall editorials of brand’s new collections, don’t you find?

I had this idea (shooting aka fall editorail) for about a year, no really! I pictured myself going wild in the feilds, wearing warm woolen sweater, where wind would absolutely neseccary play with my hair and I would look misteriously beautiful. Sounds so picturesque, right? I don’t know if I managed to convey this exact mood though this shooting, however, I definitely felt super cool while shooting. Beyond cool actually.

Well, you see, it’s a magic of shooting with a friend. And not only a friend, but someone who shares my style vision, who has similar aesthetics and views for life. Someone who’s silently standing behind your back and you suddenly feel stronger, more confident and yes, more awesome! Whether it’s the power of friendship, or sypmhony of styles, or all together, anyhow this was amazing.
And yes, Julia, this is dedicated to you.

I might not know you well, but I feel your energy. Strong and soft, powerful and feminine. Absolutely beautiful! Thank you for it! And for these fall series full of boldness and fall mystery <3

P.S. Btw, you absolutely need to have this pullover from recent H&M Studio collection. It’s so gorgeous!

Xx, Anna.

annaporter-hmstudio (3).jpg

H&M Studio

1 pullover - 2 stories

annaporter-hmstudio (2).jpg
H&M STUDIO. 1 item - 2 stories
annaporter-hmstudio (7).jpg
annaporter-hmstudio (6).jpg
annaporter-hmstudio (1).jpg
It was a symphony of energies and styles.
annaporter-hmstudio (5).jpg
annaporter-hmstudio (8).jpg
annaporter-hmstudio (4).jpg
Anna Zlobenko