When it’s first day of spring you feel so much energy & enthusiasm that you’ll definitely would love to share it with the world around! Don’t you? I most certainly feel so today and therefore want to show you guys my recent photo shoot. It’s all about shades of purple & burgundy - my favorite colors of this almost past winter.

So it’s official - I’m in love with deep saturated colors of purple and dark burgundy, true colors of aristocrats & kings. And please don’t tell me that purple is some kind of depressive color, I won’t believe you anyways. Certainly it’s not the most light & spring color, I agree, but it poses some inexplicable nobility and dignity, which makes this color absolutely irreplaceable.

This burgundy dress by young Ukrainian brand N&M was just made to wear it with my purple vest. In order to add some freshness into the look I’ve chosen this leo printed scarf. Turned out very nice, how do you like it guys? Don’t forget to drop me a short comment here.

I’m wearing:

N&M burgundy dress,

purple custom made vest,

Mango purse,

Camper boots,

New Look shades & scarf brought from local Istanbul market.

Happy Sunday & let’s make a warm welcome for spring, friends!P.S. Do you like purple?

Love, Anny.