Hi friends! I'm happy to share with you my impressions from Copenhagen Fashion Week. I'll try to write all you wanted to know about my fashion experiment dividing it in the list. So let's go:

  1. FASHION WEEKTo begin with I was SO impressed by the sizes of the fashion week. Now I know why Copenhagen Fashion Week is counted as the largest fashion event among Northern European fashion weeks, because it is indeed the largest one! :) don't really know if the coolest one, but something tells me that it also might be true.
  2. CIFF & FASHION SHOWSI was invited to CIFF - Copenhagen international fashion fair and 4 fashion shows - VIA design students show, HOLZWEILER, Bitte Kai Rand and Elaine Hernsby. Last one I just couldn't attend as I had the flight back to Berlin on that day, and HOLZWEILER I missed due to the terrible weather and no proper transport available (for those who weren't following my insta-stories, I missed my bus from the train station, due to the pouring rain this bus was going only once per half an hour and I couldn't get the taxi, what a baaaad luuuuck!). I was terribly upset because basically that was the only show that I was looking forward SO much!But we all know how life can be unpredictable sometimes. As upset I was, as inspired I got by VIA design students show. Where I have met amazing emerging designers, like Anne Metter Vinther HansenJulia Sarah Lena Peterson, Kristine Charlotté whose amazing look I've tried on and got in love (see here), Kirstine Kjeldgaard, Astrid Agerskov, whose stunning orange coat you've probably seen on my Insta. Amazing job guys!
  3. PEOPLE I METFashion weeks are amazing for many reasons, but the people you get a chance to meet might be the first one. I got so incredibly inspired to see all these stylish people, who are true sources of inspiration, my personal inspiration! I met Adam Katz Sinding one of the best street-style photographers at le21eme, mega-bloggers like Aylin Koenig & Masha Sedgwick, Julie Pelipas the fashion director of Vogue Ukraine and my ultimate style muse. She is divine! But turned out to be not as friendly as I expected, she didn't want to take a photo, which is ok and I find it totally normal, but the whole conversation tone was kinda awkward. Anyways, I saw many other incredible people and it was amazing!
  4. COPENHAGEN INSPIRATIONThis city! Ah got so inspired! This modern architecture, glass & brick surfaces, sometimes to surreal, but all together so lovely! Maybe I got too used to Berlin landscapes, or maybe I'm just too tired of graffiti anarchists prints all over the city, but Copenhagen was the jam on my morning toast. Exactly what needed! <3 And these endless interior design shops, OMG! I wanted it all and like NOW hahah. You certainly know that Denmark is very well known for their Danish interior design brands and it has always been their pride. And I totally buy it! Love their sense of style, in everything actually.

Considering how useful and inspiring this trip turned out to me, and how well my beloved baby Uma took my absence and got alone so well with daddy, I need to do it more often! Hopefully I'm gonna come next season for more shows and events to see and more amazing people to meet! Stay tuned, there will be a video from my trip soon.Love, Anny