Cheimsee-lake-Bayern-weekend-escape-5CHIEMSEE GETAWAY Escape to a beautiful Chiemsee lake...Cheimsee-lake-Bayern-weekend-escape-7Cheimsee-lake-Bayern-weekend-escape-14Cheimsee-lake-Bayern-weekend-escape-4Cheimsee-lake-Bayern-weekend-escape-1Cheimsee-lake-Bayern-weekend-escape-2Cheimsee-lake-Bayern-weekend-escape-10Cheimsee-lake-Bayern-weekend-escape-8Cheimsee-lake-Bayern-weekend-escape-6Cheimsee-lake-Bayern-weekend-escape-9Cheimsee-lake-Bayern-weekend-escape-hotel-PanoramaCheimsee-lake-Bayern-weekend-escape-13Cheimsee-lake-Bayern-weekend-escape-12Cheimsee-lake-Bayern-weekend-escape-3Cheimsee-lake-Bayern-weekend-escape

Hey guys!Here are the photos from my post-Birthday getaway to Chiemsee. It's incredible how only 1 day can recharge you to the fullest. That was a muuuuuuch needed 1-day vacation with my lovely husband, where we could finally enjoy ourselves - no rush, no baby screaming (not as if it's been happening every day, but you know what I mean), no stress - just you & me...and the lake :)

I can highly recommend hotel Panorama for your stay at Chiemsee, a true Bavarian gem. So classical in Bavarian style with a pretty much delicious breakfast, which you can enjoy by sitting on a beautiful terrace outside. In 2 words - if you're at Chiemsee one day, stay here. Stay tuned for new upcoming places (if my baby Uma will let us go soon again :)).

Love, Anny