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When my dad saw me in this look, he told me straigh away “you’re like a mafiosa“. This made me laugh of course, but at the same time made me think “why I don’t name this style like this?“

So here we go, let’s talk about mafiosa look. This style indeed turned out pretty powerfull. Let me explain why.

Firstly the shoes! Omg why didn’t I only wear the overknees before? Wearing them with a midi skirt is actually such a simple, yet an amazing styling type, as it covers boots and make the upper part invisible. Loved wearing it like this, will definitely style overknees with other skirts and dresses as well.

Secondly, the jacket. It’s amazing, right? Many of you have probably seen it on my Instagram already, as I wore it so many times. Needless to say that I love it, as it looks fantastic with it’s utility wear trend. Do you like this trend btw?

Thirdly - statement piece. Glasses with a chain. I’m sure this was the main reason why my dad told me I looked like mafiosa. This Gucci inspired chain somehow would elevate even the simpliest look ever. LOVE IT!


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Anna Zlobenko