IMG_0602Sometimes I get so tired of winter so that I just simply can’t stop myself from wearing some clothes designed clearly for warmer times. Exactly what happened with this maxi skirt. I thought why we always prefer to wear trousers or jeans in winter, where there is so much choice for stylish maxi skirts?

So in attempt to check whether it’s really possible and comfortable to wear maxi skirt in winter, I’ve chosen this outfit for a regular Sunday in Munich.If you ask me whether I was cold, then I won’t lie and tell you the truth - yeah, I was cold, but just a bit. Depends on how long you’re planning to stay outside, because if you go out for a dinner downtown, then you’d better pick a maxi skirt to wear instead of traditional jeans. Why not to add some diversity in your winter wardrobe, right?

My favorite long scarf from H&M simply fits everything. It goes so well with dark grey & purple colors as well as the length perfectly corresponds to the vest. So you can also choose long scarf for your maxi skirt outfit, it will definitely add certain stylish note.

I’m wearing:

Zara maxi skirt and sweater,

H&M scarf,

& Other Stories purse,

Camper winter boots,

custom made vest & New Look sunglasses.

I hope you’ll also try to wear maxi skirts in winter, because I can definitely say YES to it and am encouraging you to do the same.P.S. Don’t forget to drop me a line here in comments if you like the outfit.

Happy stylish winter, guys!