I don’t know what’s happening with winter here, but Munich is colder than Kiev! Weather, what are you doing? Please stop. Being surprised by how cold is outside, I was forced to look up for the warmest items in my closet. Yes, really forced.

Luckily my eyes immediately spotted this purple vest (that was a fur coat until recently, when I decided it’s been waiting for changes for ever and I’ve brought it to atelier to redo it into a vest).

What could be a better matching color for purple as grey? I was thinking the same, therefore I had to figure out something grey and super warm in my wardrobe. Thus, perfect winter dress was detected and ordered in 15 mins. Well, no quite in 15, but you know, I mean super quick.

For now purple & grey is my favorite color combo and I simply can’t get over it. How do you like it guys? Don’t forget to leave me a comment here, will be happy to hear you feedback.

Happy winter and stay warm!

I’m wearing:

Asos grey dress,

H&M hat,

custom made vest,

no label black boots,

Mango purse &

Massimo Dutti purple scarf.