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I never was much into beauty products. All I ever used was a hydrating creme and that’s it. I don’t know what has happenned, but somehow magically after turning 30 y.o. I decided it’s finally time to get serious about skincare. All of a sudden I started to watch skincare vlogs from my fav bloggers, try out new products, buy many masks and cremes. So when Madara organic skincare brand approached me, I surely got interested to test the new brand out.

As I’ve never heard of the brand before, I was quite reluctant in the beginnig – because testing out cosmetics from the brand you don’t know might be a bit scary, agree?
But knowing the fact that it’s completely organic skincare brand and making some internet research on the brand, I decided to try it out. And to my total surprise I LOVE IT!

So the products I got to test were: Total Renewal Night Creme, Anti-pollution CC cream and Radiant Energy Oil.

My number one won the Total Renewal Night Creme, which is absolutely fantastic! It contains of rejuvenating Northern Birch juice, thanks to which the skin is being hydrated, nurished  and anti-aged at night. First time I used it, I woke up with such soft and relaxed skin, totally loved the feeling. Also I like the scent and the light creamy texture. My skin absorbed it in a second after applying, which is a great sign, that the product actually suits your skin.

I also love the Radiant Energy Oil. Facial oils are such a trend in skincare now, aren’t they? So I used couple of others before, but there were too oily and it felt somehow greesy using them. Seems like Madara knew that and created a very light textured oil, that applies so softly. I love applying it in the morning after cleansing my skin with cleansing milk and applying hydrating toner after.

The last item Anti-pollution CC cream turned out also nice product, but I expected a but more coverage to be honest. However, it’s nice to apply it as a day cream to protect your skin from the outside stress, just put some foundation all over, if you want to have a thicker coverage as me.

This is my very first skincare brand review ever and it was very exciting sharing with you guys my experience. I hope you found it useful and to conclude I’ll say – yes! I totally recomment Madara organic skincare brand and I will definitely come back for more products!

(paid partnership with Madara cosmetics)