If you guys are following me on Instagram, you should have seen that I’m a true fan of Mádara organic skincare cosmetics. I love it’s quality and sincerely can recommend this skincare brand to you guys.

I was gifted this Infinity System Set from Mádara last November. After using it for 3 months I could see the result - my skin became super soft, hydrated and the skintone got a bit more even and lighter.
It’s always quite difficult to say which products exactly have brought such an effect, but I truly enjoy using this set and I believe that it really works.

So what is it about? It contains from Infinity Mist, which is a hydrating toner that also contains hyaluronic acid. I use it bith in the mornings and evenings after cleaning my face with cleansing milk and before applying serum and creme.
The secong part is Immuno drops, that is actually a serum that helps to reinforce your skin’s self-defence abilities and unleash its true potential. Apply a mousturiser after and your skincare routine is done!

Shop Infinity System Set here.

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Anna Zlobenko