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I’m so excited to share with you my recent project, that I’ve been working on.
I was approached by a girl via Direct messages on Instagram asking to create personal style for her fall wardrobe.
To be honest, at first I was not really sure should I do it or not, since I NEVER ever considered myself as a stylist, not even to say “sell” myself as one. But Olga was so nice and warm in her words, that I decided to give it a try.

As you may know, job of a personal stylist means that you actually go with a client and shop together. So that the client can try all the clothes right away, and you, as a stylist will be curating the process. As I am now in Berlin, and my lovely client is in Kiev, a physical shopping session was kinda impossible.
But who said that we can’t do the same with online shopping?
So what I did – I went online, searched for all the items that are available online and composed 5 different looks out of them.
Giving specific criterias of course. Such as mommy style, comfortable, versatile, simple, stylish and most importantly feminine!

AND VOILA! Here are the outfits I created for lovely Olya <3
I can’t even express how much did I enjoy the process. It was so easy. So interesting. And so inspiring. I felt like I’m doing totally my thing.

What a joy it is to bring happiness to others with what you love to do. Olya loved my outfits and I couldn’t be happier!
Olya, if you read this (and I hope you do), I wanna say THANK YOU for being the most empathetic and trusting client.
So grateful for this experience!

So what do you say, shall I continue with it?
Love, Anny


Bottle green-burgundy-look



collage-2017-07-25 (6) collage-2017-07-25 (5) (1) collage-2017-07-25 (2)


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    So cool outfits 😍 I like all of them, they are definitely multipurpose, calm and stylish at the same time, can not stop admiring, really.

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