WEARING: VINTAGE Trench (similar from ARKET and OTHER STORIES), H&M Skirt, ADIDAS Sneakers, MANGO Vynil bag (similar ASOS), H&M Cropped hoodie.


When I was wearing this look I finally felt that this is IT – this is my personal style! Trench, skirt with sneakers and a hoodie. Comfortable, unusual, stylish and simple. These are the core characteristics that I’m looking in my everyday outfits. And when I finally GOT it, I was so happy! Because it feels like you’ve found something very special. And no wonder, since personal stlye is a reflection of your personality and lifestyle. I’m still on my way defining my personal style on 100%, but I do have some tips for you guys. So if you’re interested, here are couple of tips you can follow to try to capture your style:

  1. observe what outfits and silhouettes make you feel the most comfortable and stylish, write them down. For example skirt and sneakers make me feel fantastic. But not just any type of skirt, it has to be a pleated or a flared one. There are the shapes I prefer to wear – and what are yours? Skinny or boyfriend jeans? Oversized or cropped sweaters?

    Think about it, obverse and feel it through. Then write down which clothes in particular makes you feel the best.

  2. do the same for colours. Open your closet and go through all the colours you have. Which colours are represented in your closet? Which colours do you love in general? Do you see them in your closet now? This is how I actually realized that I’m missing beige. I love wearing all shades of beige, but somehow this colour was almost absent in my wardrobe.
  3. make the list of outfits that inspire you. Better to gather them online or on your phone. Just save every picture of an ad or a blogger’s outfit that truly inspire you and try to wear it yourself. NOTE! Don’t copy. Use this inspiration as a base to create you personal style, rather then blindly copying it. You have to adjust gathered inspiration to your lifestyle and figure out what works the best just for you.
    Example. I love how narrow knee-hight skirt looks like, especially worn with flats or sneakers. But it just doesn’t work for me, as I feel myself kinda constrained in movements. Also I figured that I really love how such silhouettes look on tall girls, but NOT on me. And it’s totally fine. This is why the style is called personal – it has to work for YOU!
  4. experiment. Try to stay open and experiment. This is a very good base for you to gather information and to discover which clothes make you feel good and which not. Try different shapes and colours on you – I’ll gaurantee that you will find at least one shape or a colour that will surprise you.

I hope you found my tips on finding your personal style useful. If so, please leave me a comment here and if you’d like to read more articles on personal style in the future. Main source of inspiration gathered from this book The Curated Closet by Anuschka Rees.
Highly recommend you guys to read it! Love, Anna.



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  1. 1

    Anna! You are one of the beautifullest women I‘ve ever met!…Not only because you have so much style and dress yourself in such a nice way but because you stay so natural and pretty.
    All the best for your nice Blog and say hello to Berlin from me;)

    • 2

      OMGEEE Nina!!! Thank you SO much for your beautiful words! It means so much to me! <3 Hope to see you sometime soon and Berlin will always be here waiting for you 🙂
      All the best guys to you guys! Xxx

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