Oh dear Santa…! Could you please bring me all of these babies for Christmas? I’ve been a very good girl this year…hihi.

If seriously this Christmas wishlist became much decent than previous ones. Well, all because I decided to go for more quality instead of quantity. Less is more and therefore I’d better spend more for one item, but it will survive for at least several seasons. AND hopefully bring more satisfaction from it’s quality in the end. So here we go. My TOP items!



1. Cashmere pullover – shop at ASOS / 2. Row-cut wool trousers – shop at COS / 3. Pink coat – shop at EDITED




All items on this collage are to dye for! Especially these overknees from DKNY, I mean yeah, they are crazy expensive, but sooooo incredibly awesome! Never ever liked overknees, esp on heels, but these babes are too cool to miss them out. And COCCINELLE cross-body bag – oh! May I just have it please? This color and shape – I need you in my life…


4. Coat Miller – shop at EDITED / 5. DKNY overknees – shop at Zalando / 6. COCCINELLE cross body bag – shop at Zalando 




7. ASOS parka – shop here / 8. headband – shop at & Other Stories / 9. Pandora ring – shop here / 10. NUIKII winter boots – shop at MyTheresa 


Love, Anny

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