Ok guys, no more secrets…I know some of you have been puzzled by my latest post on IG about our move. Many of you wrote me directly ‘wait, you moved to a new apartment or you’re planning to leave Munich all together?’ Sorry sorry sorry that I had to keep these fantastic news in secret for quite some time, but we had to sort out a lot of things first.

Now, when everything is more less settled, I’m HAPPY to announce that our little family is moving to… drum roll please…


I can’t believe how fast things might change. But as our previous practice of living abroad shows, we don’t stay in one city for more than 2 years (Sweden – 1 year, Italy – 6 months, Munich – 2 years). So here we go – time to the next big move. My husband has received an interesting job offer in Berlin and we decided to take this challenge and try our luck in the hipster capital, because why not folks? Life is short and full of adventures, if we let it be. Therefore, this post is named as NEW START: AGAIN & AGAIN. Because we LOVE to open new chapters in our lives.

To be honest, we are already a bit sad that we have to leave Munich, since it has become a real home to us over the last 2 years. Most importantly because we became parents here. And at least for this sweet reason Munich will stay in our hearts FOREVER! <3

However, our move is kinda rapid and I’m gonna stay in Munich with my baby Uma only for 2 more weeks (I know!!! it’s too f** short), so pleeeeeeease guys, for those who are reading this post now – let’s make it possible to see each other asap! We will also organize a small party somewhere in the biergarten (aka some relaxed outside place to drink beer) to say goodbye to all the amazing people we met along our Munich times – so stay tuned for the details on FB. Thanks for reading! And YAY!!! Berlin! We’re coming…

So incredibly excited for the times ahead!!!

Yours, Anny

(pic credit to Google haha, sorry guys, don’t have any pretty pics of Berlin yet)

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    Dear Anny, thank you for your beautiful stories! You are my Carry Bradshow! But you are even better – I know you in person! I wish you luck in the German Capital and looking forward for fashion and social news from Berlin!! Yu-huuu!

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