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Anna is an author behind ANN-A-PORTER, a fashion & lifestyle blog.
After living in Sweden, Italy and Munich she now resides in Berlin, where she shares her everyday style and mommy-in-duty adventures through her social media channels. After being a part of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days in 2014 in Kiev, where she originally is from, Anna tries to support & promote young designers and always pays attention to emerging brands in Ukraine and all over the Europe.
In her everyday style she follows the rule ‘make it simple, yet unique – make it you!’

ANN-A-PORTER was launched 4 years ago somewhere in between moving from Sweden to Italy. Over these years Anna’s personal blog has grown into a destination for styling tips, sweet moments of motherhood and travel. When in 2016 Anna became a mom to a baby girl Uma, her blog couldn’t stay apart of such amazing life events and so it has a BABYLICIOUS category, where readers can find baby-related inspiration.

In every single picture and outfit, ANN-A-PORTER reflects Anna’s inner world, her believes and dreams. She is a great believer that trends are temporary and what is truly permanent – STYLE. It is way more than a trendy dress accompanied with right ankle boots, it’s rather a reflection of one’s character & personality. And what makes it all look perfectly unique is smile and happy eyes.